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We know a powerful woman when we see one. They stand tall and walk proud. We admire them, hope to be like them. But what we fail to see is the powerful woman within. This international women’s month, Avon aims to bring out the empowered woman in you. This is #AvonMarchForWomen, a month long celebration of beautiful, strong, and empowered women who empower others -- the woman that is YOU.



To kick things off, we, ironically, start with a pause. Avon's #TimeToReflect campaign encourages us all to question the limits we impose on women: from how they dress, to how they act, to how they should feel. Together with today’s most influential female icons such Angel Locsin, Kylie Versoza and Francine Diaz, Avon hopes to inspire women of all generations to dig deep and shy away from the rules of what it means to be a woman, other than their own. We are finally giving women back the confidence to rewrite their own stories, in their own terms, and no one else’s.



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Don’t miss out on more moving tales we have yet to unfold this international women’s month: Be inspired by the journey of brave women speaking out on their advocacies in our #HerStory vignettes. Dethrone your fears, and fiercely say #IAmAQueen. These, and more, for #AvonMarchForWomen.




Join us as in we pave the way for women like you to realize the true power you hold within.
Browse our most fem-powered issue to date at shopavon.ph/HerStory