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Philanthropy - Crusade Against Breast Cancer

Campaign Against Domestic Violence

One in three women worldwide are affected by domestic and partner violence. Men can be victims of partner violence, too, but the vast majority of those affected are women, making this a vital issue for women and families worldwide.

We are dedicated to the empowerment of women globally and ending violence against women is a cause that’s integral to our philanthropy. Our Speak Out Against Domestic Violence initiative, which launched in 2004, focuses on education, prevention and victim support programs. Today, nearly 50 Avon markets around the world raise funds and awareness to support programs aimed at ending family and gender violence.

In the Philippines, Avon is committed to giving victims a voice by helping maintain the hotlines of local NGO partners: Women's Crisis Center (WCC) for Manila, Gender Watch Against Violence and Exploitation (GWAVE) in Dumaguete, ING Makababaying Aksyon (IMA) Foundation in Pampanga, and the Legal Center for Women and Children (LUNA) in Davao. Keeping these lines open are a crucial step in eradicating domestic violence, as most women are simply too afraid to report incidents and seek help.

This 2016, you can support the cause by purchasing Avon Skin So Soft Advance White with Stem Essence Hand & Body Lotion. With every bottle sold, a portion of the sales will go to Avon’s NGO partners for the maintenance of their hotline numbers.

Local celebrity Richard Yap continues to advocate for the cause as its ambassador for the second consecutive year. "The issue of violence against women has been kept behind closed doors long enough. All of us –men and women alike –must band together to end this injustice. I invite all of you to join us in giving a voice to victims. Through our collaborative and relentless campaigning, we can break this cycle now," he says.

One Call Could Change Your Life

7,800 received phone calls from abused women in 2010. Women’s lives have changed because they made that important call.

Speak out and call us.

Women’s Crisis Center


Gender Watch Against Violence and Exploitation

(035) 422-8405

IMA Foundation

(045) 624-6050

Legal Center for Women and Children

(082) 306-5761