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At Avon Philippines, we stay committed to our purpose of creating a better world for women by finding new ways to further their cause through awareness and education. As part of our International Women’s Day celebration, we are launching our first #SpeakOut Art Collective – an art exhibit featuring an all-female artist line-up, which aims to create conversations about the realities of domestic abuse and raise funds for organizations helping women.

Join us as we continue to create a better world for all women by taking home a piece from the art collective. Proceeds will be donated to our partner organizations.
Razvan Diratian,
Avon Philippines General Manager

Nicole Concepcion

is the creative director of For the Future, a nonprofit organization in the Philippines. Her art draws inspiration ... from traditional Filipino elements, she channels her experiences and culture to create visual pieces that tell stories.
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Denise Heredia

is an up and coming contemporary abstractionist. Her artworks are characterized by movement ...- splatters,lines, muted colors and colorful textures. She wants to leave her own mark in this world through her art—giving life to a blank space and affect others when they see her work.
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Bea Policarpio

Her art often represents dream-like mindscapes painted to give shape to the subconscious. To make ... the intangible, tangible. Discovering imagination as a function of empathy, she paints with a delicate balance of buoyancy and depth that has fascinated audiences.
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Tammy De Roca

is a visual artist whose works explore how textures build images through paintings, sculptures and other ... forms. De Roca continues to study and experiment on how our perception of appearances and images are challenged or supported by what textures represent.
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Cru Camara

is a commercial, editorial, and fine art photographer based in Manila, Philippines and represented by ... Artists and Company Manila. Her images reveal and examine fragments of a lush, colorful world and play between the real and imaginary. Her work has been published in numerous print and online publications around the world, and her clients include SZ Magazin, Google, and Christian Louboutin.
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Tyang Karyel

works satirically tackles people’s love for food and nostalgia for familiar brands. Being drawn to ... ephemeral consumerism and the aesthetic errors that come with mass production cycles, she absorbs its visual cues as a form of art mostly through the medium of wood.
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Gabby Prado

is a visual artist who narrates her aesthetic journey in a series of paintings derived from her experiences. ... Her abstract paintings rely on bodily movements and expressions to translate personal memories into art, advocating for a better understanding, inspiration, and information of our personal sensory narratives. Gabby has several solo exhibits here in the Philippines and group shows in Singapore and Indonesia.
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Mara Fabella

is an artist who specializes in using collage as a form of visual storytelling, taking cutouts from different print ... media sources and reassembling them into her own abstract narratives on canvas. She has exhibited her works at Art in the Park, Project 20, Sining Kamalig, and Block 17 Art Space, and has written for both Mantle Magazine and Art Plus Magazine.
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Ciane Xavier

explores the boundaries of today’s society through pop culture—touching upon globalization and the ... distractions of the millennial era. She explores the human soul through her art—symbolizing power, fragility, vulnerability, and eternity but retaining a sense of vagueness to encourage a dialogue and question the viewer.
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Bree Jonson

paints animals and plants to dissect the relationship humans have with their environment, and the divide that ... has grown between them. She is also exploring various ways of translating her ideas into space and has thus created installations and sculptures that continue her message. Jonson has had solo exhibitions locally and abroad in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, Norway, and the United States.
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We pledge to continuously uphold the freedoms all women have, supporting them as they rise above the outdated standards society imposes. You may also show support by purchasing any of our limited-edition fundraising items below.

1) How do I register for the auction?

In the artwork gallery, simply click on the ‘bid’ button, and a sign-up form will appear. Input your contact details, and an Avon representative will reach out to you via email.

2) How do I place a bid?

The artwork gallery will display the starting bid prices. Simply click on the ‘bid’ button and a sign-up form will appear. Input your contact details along with your bid amount, and an Avon representative will reach out to you via email.

3) How will I know if I am the highest bidder?

The highest bidder will receive an email notification after the auction closes.

4) How will I know if someone outbids me?

The bidder will receive an email notification that there is a higher bid, with an inquiry if he would like to bid a higher amount. This exchange continues on until the end of the bidding period, or if one decides to forfeit his bidding slot.

5) What is the payment process? What are the payment methods?

Once someone wins the bidding, he will receive an email notification from an Avon representative including Avon’s bank details and instructions. Winning Bidder can choose to deposit via cheque or cash. Upon payment, winning bidder must make sure to keep a copy of the proof of transaction for verification of order.

6) How much time do I have to pay for my items?

The Winning Bidder will have one week to settle payment of the item.

7) How long do I have to wait from payment to delivery?

Once payment is settled, Avon’s Art Curators will immediately reach out to the buyer to coordinate delivery details.

8) How will the artwork be delivered to me?

The Curators will be coordinating the delivery between the artist and the buyer. While it is the buyer’s responsibility to arrange shipping pick-up and delivery as well as the delivery fee, the Curators will provide resources to help facilitate the process.

9) Can I preview items before I bid?

In keeping with the IATF’s social distancing protocols, the Curators will be providing photos and specs of the artworks instead.