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Avon Philippines Takes Home the Pillar Award for Business Turnaround and Execution

Last May 14, Avon announced its worldwide 2015 Management Awards during the Avon Senior Leaders Meeting Recognition Night in Lisbon, Portugal. Avon Philippines was given the prestigious Pillar Award for Business Turnaround and Execution. This is one of only 9 coveted Avon Management awards, which nearly 100 Avon markets were vying for.

Avon Philippines' amazing 2015 business results—despite overwhelming external challenges—affirm its strength as an industry leader, as the No. 1 Direct Selling Company in the country, and as an employer of choice that champions “Inspiring Work. Empowering Women.”

For 130 years globally, and 38 years in the Philippines, Avon has stood for Beauty for a Purpose, empowering women to feel beautifully confident, enjoy financial freedom, find meaning in their work, and enrich the lives of others. Today, this strong sisterhood of Sales Representatives in the Philippines continues to flourish, with every Avon woman empowered to reach for her dreams with one hand, while guiding her fellow woman with the other—whether through empowering products, earning opportunities, or the women causes Avon supports.

Avon Philippines General Manager Emie Aguilar-Nierves says, “This is a huge honor which reaffirms our commitment to bringing Beauty for a Purpose to the lives of our customers and Representatives. It has always been our mission to create a world with more empowered women, because empowered women bring more beauty to the world. And for 38 years now, Avon Philippines has provided the Filipina with products of demonstrable quality and an unparalleled earning opportunity, enabling her to achieve virtually limitless success. It is her success which remains at the heart of our business, and it is her success that brings meaning to the Pillar award we have received.”

Congratulations, Avon Philippines!