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Getting To Know: Francisca Tolentino

A cancer survivor found a new beginning in being an Avon Rep. Find out why Francisca Tolentino’s life is an embodiment of beauty for a purpose.

When did you become an Avon Representative?

I’ve been an Avon Representative since 2006.

What encouraged you to join Avon?

It was Avon's fight against breast cancer advocacy that made me join, being a breast cancer victim myself. I felt the support from Avon especially when I was confined in PGH. It was what pushed me to become a representative. I thought, if Avon can help a cancer survivor like me, maybe I can also help myself get up and help others as well. Doon ako na-encourage at na-inspire to join Avon.

What is your most memorable moment in Avon?

It was Avon that made my first out of the country experience possible. I went to Macau and it was my first plane ride and my first time to check-in at a first class hotel, The Venetian. It was truly a happy memory. The other time was when I was given an award on stage, wearing a long gown at the PICC for SL Congress. Akala ko nga hanggang pangarap na lang, until Avon made them come true. I really really love Avon!

How different is your life now, before and after joining Avon?

Before Avon, life was hard because I had Breast Cancer stage 3B. Isang kahig, isang tuka. I was sick and because of that my children had to stop schooling. There were a series of operations that I had to go through so I wasn’t able to work anymore. Both of my ovaries, my left kidney, right breast and gallbladder were removed. My bones were already very brittle. Feeling ko ako ang tinik sa aking pamilya. My children weren’t able to finish college, which was more painful to me than my cancer. But after joining Avon, it was like all the pain went away. My dreams were slowly coming true. I helped someone finish college. I am able to pay for the house and lot that I loaned. I can buy the things I want for myself, for my children and my grandchildren. I can say that I am more confident now. I am very thankful to Avon because my life is continuously changing and my sickness didn’t stop me para matupad ang mga pangarap ko.

What’s the best thing about being an Avon Representative?

Being an Avon Representative, you are the boss of your own business and you are in control of your own time. Your life will change. Dream big and do it with sipag at tiyaga and faith in God. You have to motivate yourself. In Avon, there are trainings on how to grow your business, leadership, personality development, makeup training, a lot more. The best talaga ang Avon. Kaya forever Avon Ako!