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Getting To Know: Karla Villanueva

It is true that with hard work and determination, you can never be too young to achieve your dreams. Here’s the story of one of Avon’s youngest Sales Leaders, Karla Villanueva.

When did you become an Avon Representative?

I literally grew up in Avon. My mother was already with Avon even before I was born. During that time, it was her only source of income. At a very young age, I was already familiar with the business. My mom would always bring me to meetings, trainings and gatherings. At about 7 years old, I was already joining Avon contests. At 14, my mom already taught me how to sell Avon products to my classmates. I grew up to be a businesswoman. Because of Avon we were able to have a house of our own. We all went to private schools. I can say that we were financially stable then.

What encouraged you to join Avon?

When I was 14, my mother was rushed to the hospital and got comatosed. She’s been bedridden ever since. We didn’t expect na madaling magbabago yung life namin and we didn’t know how to get up from our financial problems. My mother was the breadwinner and we didn’t know what to do. I have 4 siblings and Avon was my family’s only source of income. But God really had a plan for us. Avon introduced a Succession Plan and my mom’s credentials were transferred to me. At 18, I took my mom’s place as a Sales Leader while I was in college. Being young, I found it hard to manage my mom’s dealers since they were older than me. But Avon helped me become a mature, well-trained SL. I attended trainings and meetings. Meeting other Avon ladies gave me confidence. It was hard to do my Avon responsibilities and be a nursing student at the same time but I would always remind myself of what my mom told me – to just pray hard, do my best and God will provide me with everything. ‘Yun ang nagpatibay ng loob ko and pushed me to continue pursuing Avon.

What is your most memorable moment in Avon?

My most memorable experience was when I got invited to become a brochure model for Avon Life Glutathione and other makeup products. It was really a dream come true to become an Avon brochure model!

How different is your life now, before and after joining Avon?

I’ve been handling my Avon business for 8 years now and at the same time, I have work that’s related to my nursing studies. I love what I do with Avon because marami akong natutulungan, not just to provide food on their tables but also a lifetime support for their families, helping change their lives by sharing to them what I have achieved. I continuously work hard and attend trainings to become better.

What’s the best thing about being an Avon Representative?

As a Sales Leader, it feels good to witness the changed lives of my recruits knowing that I am able to help them achieve their goals. To see them go up and get promoted is truly an achievement for me. At Avon, we have a common goal, and that is to care, share and build relationships as one family.