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Shopping 100% Guarantee

Avon's main sales tool is the Avon brochure. In the Philippines, every two weeks six million women see an Avon brochure. It offers a wide and contemporary selection of beauty and related products at affordable prices.

The Avon Representative shows the brochure to customers in their homes, at work, at social or leisure activities or to their friends and family. They then send their orders to Avon and products are delivered free of charge directly to their homes.

Avon is committed to excellence - every beauty product that carries the Avon name carries with it the highest standards of product safety and integrity. Avon products are enjoyed by millions of women around the globe, providing testimony to the value, quality and consistency of Avon products. Avon is the only beauty company to offer a 100 percent money back guarantee*. This guarantee was instituted 120 years ago, on the day the company was founded, and has been upheld ever since. The Avon Guarantee is in addition to consumers' statutory rights.