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Rosalie Baltazar: I'm a Representative of Purpose Marina Villacorza: I'm a Representative of Determination Franz Tolentino: I'm a Representative of Courage Gloria Celemen: I'm a Representative of Strength Angie Nogales: I'm a Representative of Confidence Glo Barredo: I'm a Representative of Passion

Last July 2017, Avon globally launched AVON PROUD, a campaign to reignite pride within our Representatives to motivate them and to help them recruit new Representatives. We want to showcase what our Representatives truly stand for and in the process make them remember what made them join Avon in the first place. For Avon Philippines, we organized a photo shoot with select Avon Representatives with exceptional success stories. Each Representative embodies Avon values that they are truly PROUD of.

Read on why these inspiring women say, "Nakakaproud talaga maging part ng Avon!"

Rosalie Baltazar

Changing lives and living the dream

Read on how Rosalie Baltazar embodies purpose as an Avon Representative.

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Lugaw vendor turned sales leader and public speaker

Angie Nogales dreamed of a better life and future. Find out how she reached her dreams.

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The Incomparable Strength of a Bread Winner

Let Gloria Celemen's story of strength inspire you to tackle life's challenges.

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Franz Tolentino

Survivor and Warrior

A breast cancer survivor, Franz Tolentino was inspired to join Avon when she experienced how it gave support to women with breast cancer.

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Marina Villacorza

From Bahay Kubo to Dream Mansion

Read Marina Villacorza's story on how she aspired a better life for her children and let her determination inspire you.

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Glo Barredo

A mother and a leader

Get motivated by Glo Barredo's transformation from a simple housewife to an empowered and driven mentor.

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