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Panty Sizing Guide

Buying underwear can be a daunting experience, especially since you can’t try them on whiling shopping for hygienic reasons, nor can you return them in case you chose the wrong size. But you don’t have to suffer through the discomfort of too-tight seams, baggy panty crotches, riding-up underwear. The key to getting your perfect panty fit is getting the right hip measurements and using those to determine your correct panty size.

Get the perfect size for you!

Find your hip size

Wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of the hip, usually about 10 inches below the waist. Use this measurement to determine your perfect panty size in our chart below.

Hip Size Panty Size
34" - 37" SMALL
36" - 39" MEDIUM
38" - 41" LARGE
40" - 43" X-LARGE
42" - 45" XX-LARGE
Find your hip size to get your panty size